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by Grégory Brault

The Cisenergie group has established expertise in thermal engineering, in the production, use and management of thermal energy for industry and construction.

The activities are multiple and centred around the needs of companies. Cisenergie teams design equipment for energy conversion, such as furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, combustion chambers, and skid.

They also install solutions such as heating or cooling of premises or industrial equipment in all production sectors.

The Cisenergie teams help you to design and install your technical

equipment for the production and distribution of industrial fluids

(gas, ice water, hot water, steam, electricity), but also for the control of

your installations (Technical management of the building, maintenance).

“3 companies, one goal: yours. “

Cisenergie CENTRE

Z.I. – 4, rue de la Fosse Mardeaux

41700 Contres

(+33) 2 54 79 66 26

Cisenergie IDF

14, rue Lavoisier

45140 Ingré

(+33) 2 38 86 18 33