Our expertise

Hydraulic : Production and power distribution

Production :

Our “Design and Realization” teams will draw, but also pre-fabricate and install for you, whatever your process :

  • Boiler rooms : hot water, vapor, overloaded water working in the wood, in the gas, in the domestic fuel…
  • Production including renewable energy : heat pump water/water, air/water, air air, wind turbine, geometrical drilling…
  • Skids substations : hot water, vapor, overloaded water…
  • Production of ice water : glycolated, HN3…
  • Compressed air-producting
  • Skid of pumping distribution of treatment of water and rinsing

Distribution :

We shall realize for you every types of networks and process :

  • Vapor and condensats.
  • Ice water.
  • Vapor and condensats.
    • Industrial gaz : nature, air, tablet, industrialists

“The skid, the mobile boiler room are compact, fast and innovative solutions which we bring you.”

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

We shall size and shall integrate for you custom-made solutions with control and master’s degree of the temperature of the hygrometry content into CO2 .

  • Installation of power plants of treatment of air.
  • Installation of groups of air conditioning typifies MultiSplit.
  • Installation of CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation), dual flow, simple flow, canadian wells.

“Solutions optimized for the thermal performance of your installations.”

Electricity and Technical management of the building

To offer a complete offer, our teams will link all the processes and the installed solutions, with supervision and piloting. Throughout the project, our teams accompany you with the study in the conception and until the realization :

  • Post offices of transformations and high-voltage and low-voltage electric cupboards.
  • Connecting of your electric utilities.

“A global offer assuring a functional set.”

Customer service

Our teams will assure the industrial putting into service of your installations and accompany you for the interview maintenance of these

They trust us

Maintenance contract